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About Us


  • Hippo Mobility – UK’s First Branded disability transportation services, now in the USA
  • Built-in the interests of disabled people and patients
  • Hippo Mobility offers live streaming of the journey with remote medical monitoring.
  • Transports pathology samples and documents
  • Drivers are trained on First Aid, CPR and disease specific patient transportation
  • All the drivers and staff members have extended criminal background checked
  • All vehicles comes with:
    1. Wheelchair access
    2. Hand sanitiser
    3. Blanket
    4. Provision of oxygen
    5. Provision of Artificial External Defebriblitaor (AED)
    6. All vehicles are hygienic and clean
    7. For safety reasons all vehicles are fitted with GPS and CCTV camera
    8. All our drivers personally help the patient/disabled person to get in and out of the vehicles.

The History of


Advatech Healthcare was officially launched in India in 2010. Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Samit Biswas has over 26 years of experience in healthcare, medical transport, and logistics industries in India, the UK, and the USA.

Due to his in-depth knowledge and network, he has transformed Advatech Healthcare from an idea in India to an efficient and cost-effective business that is in operation in the UK.

Over the past 11 years, Advatech Healthcare has created a successful ambulance service and training program in Kolkata and is a leader in providing air and road ambulance services within North-East India, where services have previously been lacking. Advatech Healthcare has always valued the importance and necessity of high-quality standards of medical care. As a result, their training programs in India are internationally recognized as they encompass all stages of life-saving training such as First Aid, Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, First Responder, and Emergency Medical Technician courses. Advatech Healthcare transport care packages in India include Ambufly (air ambulance), BookMyAmbulance (private booking via the app), and BookMyPathology (transport of medical samples).

Since setting up in the UK Advatech Healthcare has become part of the Department of International Trade (DIT) earlier known as UKTI’s Entrepreneurs Programme, and launched as part of a high-level Indian Prime Minister delegation to the UK in November 2015. We have worked hard to successfully bridge the gap between ambulance and taxi services with a resulting revenue stream from medical institutions and healthcare providers to save money and maintain standards.