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Our Services

We provide transportation services for both the patients as well as the employees working in the health care industry.

Our Services Include

Hospital Discharge

Hospitals in the USA are struggling with lack of timely availability of the proper non-emergency patients (NEPTS) transportation. As a result, even after the discharge, patients are sometimes waiting more than 12 hours. Sometimes it’s become expensive to the payers and insurance companies.

Hippo Mobility with its medically trained drives and staff offers clean, hygienic, safe, hassle-free, cost-effective, and immediate (within 15 minutes turn around time) discharge transportation from hospitals.

Disability Travels

Kentucky has the highest 28.7% 
The southern part of the US has more (19.4%) disabled
Disabled American earns almost 70% less than the median income than a physically fit American
49.8% of the population are above 75+ years of age
25.4% of the populations are between 65-74 years of age

** Data Source: Pew Research & US Census Bureau

Dialysis and Chemotherapy

Dialysis and Chemotherapy patients need infection-free vehicles which are not yet available in the UK. Hippo  Mobility is the first to provide clean, hygienic, safe, and cost-effective (up to 60% economical than ambulances with the same ambulatory support system) 

GP Surgery or Clinic Visits

Hippo Mobility offers a reliable transportation solution for the daily to and fro journey for the disabled patients, doctors, and employees of Hospitals

Most of The Hospitals Struggle With Lack of Reliable & Timely Transport

For pathology and document transportation after the daily cut-off period sometimes GP surgery and Hospitals struggle.

Hippo Mobility fills this gap owing to its GPS-controlled and CCTV monitored vehicles, which makes it safe to transport pathology samples and medical documents.

Private Insurance Patients

Hippo Mobility offers a cost-effective price for MRI, Ultrasonography, X-Ray, and pathology diagnostics transportation for private health insurance companies.